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Meet the Girls

Meet Dolly's

A watering hole of a lesbian bar that sits pretty on the coveted corner of Jane Street in the West Village; a bar in which every single one of these eccentric New York women deem home. 


“Their paths would never have crossed if it wasn’t for Dolly’s. Dolly’s was like a quilt of sorts, patched together by random yet beautiful works of art, keeping them warm, keeping them safe.” 

Astrological Sign: All of them, babe. All. Of. Them.

Meet Violet

Meet Violet — a hauntingly beautiful, magnetic writer extraordinaire with an escalating tendency to numb her emotions with prescription speed and empty sex. Violet has no blood relatives she can count on, but leans heavily on the chosen family she’s cultivated at Dolly’s. Violet is a wild juxtaposition of dark and light, sad yet hopeful, damaged and innocent, scarred but stunning.

“Violet was blind to the stares. She’d been getting hungrily devoured by curious eyes her entire life but had never noticed it because she was always too preoccupied with her own complicated thoughts and feelings.”

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Meet Knife

Meet Knife — an androgynous heart-crushing model armed with the dangerous ability to effortlessly twist her pillowy lips around the most ~pathological~ of lies. On the outside Knife presents herself as a wildly-confident Manhattanite but on the inside she’s a lost soul from Warrens, Wisconsin — who — like most of us — is terrified of being found out. 

“Knife greatly enjoyed the power trip of taking home a straight girl and making her explode in orgasmic bliss for the first time.”


Astrological Sign: Gemini

Meet Serafina

Meet Serafina — the red-velvet-lipstick adorned heiress to a billion-dollar Nigerian Petroleum fortune who reeks of stale cigarettes and Chanel #5. Serafina has been the dutiful owner of Dolly’s since it nearly shuttered after its former owner tragically died, fifteen years ago. 

“Serafina liked girls who looked like younger versions of her — which made her secretly wonder if she was a narcissist. But then she’d slam a cocktail and the thought would dissipate into the air like cigarette smoke.”


Astrological Sign: Leo

Meet Jack

 Meet Jack — the resident grump of “Dolly’s” whose exterior is as weathered as vintage leather, but secretly harbors a heart of gold. 

 “Jack liked complicated, Jewish girls from the Upper West Side. Girls who had been under the care of a renowned psychotherapist since the first grade. Girls who popped antidepressants like Tic Tacs.”


Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Meet Catalina

Meet Catalina — a voluptuous, cocktail-slinging bombshell from Puerto Rico by the way of New Jersey. Catalina tends bar at Dolly’s and is easily the most lusted after lesbian in the West Village.

“Catalina wouldn't ever dare to admit it, but a few weeks prior she'd had a vivid sex dream about Jack.”


Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Meet Patra

Meet Patra — a bisexual jewelry designer who moved to the West Village from Bangkok three years ago. Patra is a loud, sparkly, self-made party girl who recklessly speeds around the city in her sexy, sparkling-white Porsche 911 Carrera S. She’s fiercely loyal and not to be fucked with.

“Patra specialized in creating deluxe 14-carat gold dog tags that spelled out provocative words like: ‘Bitch’ ‘Babe’ ‘Grrrl’ and ‘Fuck’ in tiny Swarovski crystals.” 


Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Meet Jose Antonio

Meet Jose Antonio — Violet’s best friend, a confident hairstylist with skin so buttery it could make your mouth actually water. No one knows (except for Violet) that despite his impressingly poised manner, Jose Antonio, lives in fear of being deported back to Mexico — a country he hadn’t set foot in since the age of nine. 

“Jose Antonio took a giant puff of a joint and released a perfect ring of smoke from out of his gorgeous lips. ‘I do get that the sex is amazing.’ Of course, he did. He was a gay man.”


Astrological Sign: Aries

Meet Ray

Meet Ray — an emotionally unavailable personal trainer to the stars who is as passionate about her Prozac as she is about perfecting the art of the perfect push-up. Ray lives for two things: Maintaining her rock-hard body and sex. And damn is she good at both. 

“Once Violet caught a glimpse of Ray’s dead blue eyes and short bleached hair and tight black denim, she felt the inside of her tights dampen.”


Astrological Sign: Virgo

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