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Season 2


Chapter 22.
Blow up your life

There are two types of girls who move to New York.  One girl you’ll find standing in midtown, her mouth agape, eyes big like a Bratz Doll staring into the dizzying display of neon and billboard; her brain vibrating, silently screaming...


Chapter 21. Do you want the movie to be over?

Burn everything beautiful in your world down. It can’t seduce you with its intoxicating eyes ever again. Watching her sleep was like floating on a cloud...


Chapter 20.
I will not feel this

“Once upon a time, there was a very pretty girl who lived in a beautiful BOX, and everybody loved her,” Violet slurred into her blurry reflection.


Chapter 19. Scorpio Mood And Another Blood Moon

Scorpio Mood was held in a large nightclub tucked beneath a trendy coffee shop near Union Square like any proper illegal queer girl party should be.


Chapter 18.
Lesbian Sex & The City

Nia and Imani had a classic lesbian breakup. First, they sobbed....


Chapter 17.
Sixteen, I had to leave

Violet wasn’t her real name but no one in the city knew that...


Chapter 16. Love Destroys

Violet knew ordering a martini before noon wasn’t a good look. But she did it anyway...


Chapter 15.
Winter Had Come Early 

“Can you hurry the fuck up? You’ve been in there for ten minutes!” pleaded a desperate voice from behind the bathroom door...


Chapter 14. "I Remember  You Well At The Chelsea Hotel"

On West 23rd Street, smack between two ugly avenues, sits the Hotel Chelsea. Only the clueless tourists who are forced to snap pictures of her...


Chapter 13.
I’m In The Wrong Scene

Summer in New York is a gay man who lives in a Hell’s Kitchen high-rise. The kind with a rooftop gym where state-of-the-art ellipticals stare into the polluted air of the midtown glare from well-endowed windows...

Season 1


Chapter 12.
Why Are You So Far Away?

Nia Green felt like she was in a dream. She felt different than she’d ever felt before. Light. Airy. Like if she wasn’t careful, she’d ascend into the soft-blue Mid-August sky...


Chapter 11. Blood Moon Eyes

“I’ve had the craziest night. Like the craziest, craziest, craziest night,” Knife slurred to Violet, Gabriella, Imani, and Jack. They were tucked beneath the outdoor awning of Dolly’s, feverishly smoking cigarettes, chomping down gum...


Chapter 10. Daddy Issues

The second Knife stumbled through the doors, she spotted her prey. Bar None was a dimly lit East Village dive notorious for its raucous college clientele...

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Chapter 9. Gabriella 

“Did you hear about this new lesbian party happening tonight? It’s invite-only and extremely hard to get into,” Patra asked Violet over the phone...


Chapter 8: Cheap Thrills

The moment Violet woke up, her heart took off like a rocket in war-torn air. 

WHERE THE FUCK AM I? She squeezed her eyes shut...


Chapter 7:
The Body Always Wins

Manhattan’s West Village is different from other neighborhoods. It’s like the sun beams directly on her cobblestone streets and historic gay bars. She sparkles...


Chapter 6: Angels

“WHAT?!” Patra screeched so loudly the performing Drag Queen, Anita Syringe, paused smack dab in the middle of her Celine Dion impression...


Chapter 5: Stars

Nia Green was about to become the biggest star in America. Her agents knew it. Her managers knew it. Jody Moritz, the indie darling director extraordinaire who’d just cast Nia as the ingénue in her first studio film, knew it...


Chapter 4: Cherry Grove

In the summer, New York City loses both her beauty and her charm. The heat melts her sparkle and the sunlight strips away her glittery facade...

Girls on Jane, episode 3 , Zara Barrie

Chapter 3. 
The Sayville Ferry

Patra liked speed. Though she wasn’t one to turn down an expensive bump of coke — Patra liked to speed in her sexy, sparkling-white Porsche 911 Carrera S...

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Chapter 2: Violet

Violet was having a bad day. She’d awoken to an email from her literary agent informing her that not one publisher in New York was interested in buying her book: Come For Me: a wildly erotic series of personal essays detailing her tempestuous sex and dating life...

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Chapter 1: Dolly's

Knife wasn't her real name but no one in The City knew that. "My parents were big acid heads," she'd murmur cryptically anytime anyone asked her about her name, which was often...

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